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Labels provide the easiest form of EAS protection. Applicable to nearly all types of merchandise, they are compatible with all our AM EAS systems and can be deactivated at the point-of-sale by a variety of label deactivators. Very popular for securing non-garment items such as books and small electronics.


Stealth Pad

A compact label deactivator designed for minimal counter space usage. It is configured for table top operation but can also be set flushmount to the counter top in a mounting tray. It provides both audible and visual notification of activity and is tuned by a convenient handheld IR remote controller.

With up to 4" (10 cm) deactivation distance and optional password protection, Stealth Pad is an excellent product for both source and retailer tagged merchandise.

Fast Pad

The Fast Pad provides a friendly human-machine interface for label deactivation and ease of use. It can be either table top or flushmounted to the counter top. Handheld IR tuning remote control and audible and visual notification round out this powerful tool.


Ad Guard

Ad Guard is a feature rich detection system compatible with all 58 kHz AM tags and labels. Ad Guard's sleek design not only provides a very stylish and aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also offers the retailer an avenue to increase sales. Ad Guard is designed to include space on both sides of the pedestal for advertisement panels or laminate finishes, which are easily changeable to meet current marketing promotions or design needs.

Pencil Tags

Versatile, Compact, Effective. These three words best describe Pencil Tags from WG. Adaptable to nearly every style and type of garment, the Pencil Tag is simple to apply and even simpler to remove. A superlocking mechanism within the tag requires a stronger magnetic detacher to remove, making conventional shoplifting methods obsolete. Pencil Tags come in three sizes to suit your merchandise: Micro, Mid, and Super. A selection of three colors (black, white, and gray) increases the Pencil Tag's versatility. Available in 58 kHz AM technology.

Premier Guard

Premier Guard is a line of EAS systems designed for both aesthetics and performance, compatible with all 58 kHz AM tags and labels. It portrays a unique flair with its sleek look and accommodates retailers with an eye for presentation. The Premier Line offers a selection of clear acrylic pedestal designs with three different color trims (White, Gray and Black). It is available in both standard and XL sizes, differing in detection range.

Diamond Door Guard

Exquisitely designed for every decor, Diamond Door Guard delivers stylish distinction from other EAS systems. Diamond Door Guard is available in gray and black, and upon customer request, customizable with your company logo or any other decorating theme. With attachment to the door frame or glass store front and not the floor, Door Guard creates a comfortable shopping experience.


Lane Guard

Lane Guard is an effective anti-shoplifting system designed to be installed at supermarket checkout lanes and store entrances. Compatible with all 58 kHz AM tags and labels, Lane Guard's attractive, durable design ensures a customer-friendly presence with bumper protection to avoid shipping cart damage. It's slim build has minimal impact on aisle space. Like the Ad Guard, each pedestal includes advertising space on both sides.

Shell Tags

Shell Tags employ a dual technology design that offers the retailer one of the most secure tags in the industry. Its sleek rounded edge and sloping design makes the tag highly tamperproof and unauthorized removal nearly impossible. It combines your choice of 58 kHz or 8.2 MHz technology for maximum protection. It is available in standard without ink or with ink, containing three glass ink filled ampoules within the casing.


Super sensor Tags

The Super sensor Tag is extremely lightweight with optimal detection. Super sensors use a larger ferrite rod allowing it to achieve an extra two feet of detection range with any 58 kHz AM system. The Super sensor is compatible with all Super Tag detachers and accessories. Available in three colors: black, white and gray.

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